Email Jail

How many emails are in your in box right now?

How many emails did you hide in a “follow up folder”?

I had a client who once told me they had over 5000 emails in the in box. WHY!!!!!!

Email is a tool to assist us with communication to clients, partners, information, education and spam. So if I told you my email inbox sits at 0 before I log off – you would think i’m lying or I don’t get that many emails. Just like you I get plenty of emails, but I have learned a fun way to manage it.

So to help you get through this I have a suggestion:

  • Grab your laptop
  • Get into your car
  • Drive to your local coffee shop
  • Order your favorite drink
  • Sit down
  • Open your laptop
  • Open your email

Now this may seem crazy but I promise you this will work but there are two things you need to maybe consider changing in your habits.
1. Time blocking your calendar/daytimer and making it electronic
2. Using your task manager on your computer that is synced to your phone

Now you have your favorite coffee shop drink, your email is open. Think of your email as an inbox on your desk. With that inbox on your desk you would pick up the top item read what it has to say and do the following:

  • Create an appointment for follow up or planning
  • Create a task (no more than 15 minutes to complete)
  • File the item away for future reference
  • Trash/shred as it was just an FYI or spam

You can do the same with your email. Drag the email into your calendar to make an appointment. Drag the email to your task/to do application on your computer. Create files in your email to file away information. Trash the email as you no longer need it.

IOS, GMail, Outlook email applications all do this!

If you have additional questions please ask them below in the comments or email us and we will be happy to assist you!

Happy Reading!

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