Spring Quarantine Boutique

We are honored to be added to the Spring Quarantine Boutique. Are you needing some great gift ideas, things for your home, education or an escape from this craziness? Come join us click on the link above to join the 4 day party!

Take Your Kids to Work Day!

This years #takeyourchildrentoworkday2020 has a new challenge and has become the norm during #covid19 What are some tips you can share to other parents with young ones on working at home with your children?

Email Jail

How many emails are in your in box right now? How many emails did you hide in a “follow up folder”? I had a client who once told me they had over 5000 emails in the in box. WHY!!!!!! Email is a tool to assist us with communication to clients, partners, information, education and spam.… Continue reading Email Jail

Love Your Business!

It is incredibly difficult to run your business, worry about getting jobs booked, dealing with invoices, payments, lack of payments and then you have me telling you to marketing your business. How do you do it all? You can’t! I know harsh and I also know that as soon as I tell you “you can’t”… Continue reading Love Your Business!

Where Do I Start?

I need to grow my business? How do I create more revenue? I’m swamped and don’t have time to learn marketing? I don’t have money to make money! The above comments and questions are all to common in the small business world. Most people started their own business because they needed the extra income –… Continue reading Where Do I Start?

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