Dream Job – Working from home!

Many of you have told me through the years how “jealous” you are that I can work from home, coffee shop or anywhere I want. Some of you work for a corporation who requires you to work in a cubicle/desk at a location.

Well during this “stay at home” order during COVID-19 you have an opportunity unlike any other – a time to work from home. Use this time to prove to your corporate office that working remote can work – for every position! Here are some things you can do to help tip the scales so corporate america will consider allowing you to continue to work from home.

  1. For those of you without laptops use your personal computer or cell phone to be intentional on promoting your company and their products. Download Canva – this can be used on your computer or phone – to make fun graphics to help promote your business.
    i.e. do you work for a financial business – share their knowledge or blogs to help promote
    do you work for retail – with permission share their posts and create fun blogs promoting the business
  2. You have been given a laptop – use it wisely! Don’t use it for personal stuff, just for business.
  3. Keep the same business hours – don’t steal from your company – work the hours you normally would (you will find that you get more done working from home )
  4. Set up your home office! keep a space just for work – that way when you sit down to work in that space your brain knows it’s time for work – not in front of the TV where movies will distract you.
  5. Set rules and “working hours” with people you share the home with…this includes the dogs! Use your normal break time to go to the bathroom and take your pup for a quick 5 minute walk. Let everyone in the home know there is a time for interruptions during your break and lunch times. Working at home with kids? keeping a regular schedule will also promote healthy work environment.
  6. Open your free zoom account to spend time with co-workers! Instead of using facetime. Zoom free accounts limit the time to 45 minutes so you don’t spend too much time socializing. Using zoom will also allow you to brainstorm with other co-workers and hold each other accountable to what you are working on.
  7. Get to virtual meetings early and make sure you contribute to the conversation. Say hello to everyone and make sure to say goodbye at the end of the meeting.
  8. Send daily emails to the boss summarizing what you completed or did for the day. Some will say to over communicate with your boss, but you will have to know your boss to see what their communication style is and if they prefer a summery at the end of your day or mini updates.
  9. Promote your company and the fun perks of working from home – keep it professional! Not many companies are allowing this time so take advantage of it and give the positive feedback via social media and to your boss. i.e. how long does it take you to complete a project in office vs. at home – I know for me I’m able to get my work done in half the time I normally would at the office.
  10. Still get ready for the day. Perk you don’t have to dress up, but don’t just get out of bed and start working without grooming first. You never know when that last minute video conference call will happen and you don’t want to be caught in your pj’s with bed head.

What are some of your work from home ideas? What is working for you that you can share with everyone?

Enjoy the perk – it is fun!

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