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Routines and Why You Need Them

Routines have become a negative word. People feel they are being put into a box without having freedom to do what they want when they want. People also have “tried” routines in the past and it never seemed to help. Definition of routine; “a sequence of actions followed over and over; a fixed program.”
Take some time to look up why routines are important on various mental health websites. You will see hundreds if not thousands of sites explaining the value of having routines:

  • Helps you manage your time and plan for better choices
  • Adds a rhythm to your daily life
  • Body functions better when it has daily rhythm
  • Sleeping patterns help improve mental & physical functions
  • Mentally you know the next step in your day Just to name a few….

Some simple Routines you can put in place into your daily life:

  • Having consistent bedtime and wake up times
  • Morning routines – give your day a steady start without the last minute drama
  • Before bedtime routines. Assist your mornings from being chaotic and you will get a better nights sleep (or day if you’re a day sleeper)
  • Household chores
  • Exercise

So many people ask me how to develop a routine. One of my favorite mentors is Flylady. Marla and her team do a great job in helping people get new habit’s and not live a life and home in chaos. Check her out she may resonate with you.
Routines are all dependent on your lifestyle

  • Work outside of the home
  • Work from home
  • Retiree’s
  • Disabled
  • Unemployed
  • Stay at home mom’s, dad’s or grandparents
  • Stay at home wives or husbands
  • Teens
  • Children

So for one website to say this is “the” way to do your day may not fit your lifestyle or your natural way. What do I mean? Each person has a different: – way of thinking- personalities- physical abilities- family situation- living situation- work- natural organization.
So for some, having a clean house doesn’t take much effort at all. While some, it never seems to stay clean no matter what “system” they use.

This is when having a life coach comes in handy. But you need to find the right life coach for you. I specialize in helping people find their own natural order. Because not one system will work for everyone. I do lots of research, reading and socializing so I can learn what makes a person unique. Especially when it comes to organization and family. Yet I may not be the right coach for you.

If you’re in the market to find a coach, please interview at least 3 of them. And each interview should give you some takeaways you can put in place right away.

It also helps if you find a way to keep you accountable to what you are trying to do. There are ways to do this and it is dependent again on your mental personality type. Are you and extrovert? Then having a friend that you call every day or hang out with may help you with your routines. Are you an introvert? Then finding an app to do your routine checklist of items may benefit you. Are you disabled? Then having a coach/friend/app or all three, who understands your limitations and when to push you may be a fit for you. You need to find the right accountability system that works for you. Accountability partners are amazing if you find the right one. They help to keep you on track and not make you feel bad about yourself.

I love finding systems that that click for people. I love having weekly, monthly or quarterly accountability sessions. But what I love most of all is when my client is thriving! Finding a system that works in their current lifestyle and seeing them thrive! Those gives me the best feels in the world!

So if you find yourself wondering what works for you, give me a jinging. We don’t charge to have a conversation with you. The first 30 minute FREE consult call you will have 3 takeaways you can start right away. We use the Zoom app so stay in your pj’s if you want, from the comfort of your computer, laptop, ipad or smartphone. Call me – what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Please comment below and tell me what systems you use for your routines. Do you have a favorite website, system or coach? Then leave them here in the comments – you might help someone else!


Procrastination, Distraction or Do it now!

FlyLady is one of my favorite blog writers and life coaches.

Marla really gets it with people who have “perfection” issues and delay what needs to be done! I started using FlyLady back in 2001 and love her organizational style.

Today’s blog/question has to do with Procrastination, Distraction, or Do-It-Now – and identifying what you are doing in that moment. I invite you to take 3 minutes to read this and comment on some of the challenges you face – let me know what challenges you are having and let’s discuss ways to overcome those challenges. i’m here for you – and comment here what you think!


Dream Job – Working from home!

Many of you have told me through the years how “jealous” you are that I can work from home, coffee shop or anywhere I want. Some of you work for a corporation who requires you to work in a cubicle/desk at a location.

Well during this “stay at home” order during COVID-19 you have an opportunity unlike any other – a time to work from home. Use this time to prove to your corporate office that working remote can work – for every position! Here are some things you can do to help tip the scales so corporate america will consider allowing you to continue to work from home.

  1. For those of you without laptops use your personal computer or cell phone to be intentional on promoting your company and their products. Download Canva – this can be used on your computer or phone – to make fun graphics to help promote your business.
    i.e. do you work for a financial business – share their knowledge or blogs to help promote
    do you work for retail – with permission share their posts and create fun blogs promoting the business
  2. You have been given a laptop – use it wisely! Don’t use it for personal stuff, just for business.
  3. Keep the same business hours – don’t steal from your company – work the hours you normally would (you will find that you get more done working from home )
  4. Set up your home office! keep a space just for work – that way when you sit down to work in that space your brain knows it’s time for work – not in front of the TV where movies will distract you.
  5. Set rules and “working hours” with people you share the home with…this includes the dogs! Use your normal break time to go to the bathroom and take your pup for a quick 5 minute walk. Let everyone in the home know there is a time for interruptions during your break and lunch times. Working at home with kids? keeping a regular schedule will also promote healthy work environment.
  6. Open your free zoom account to spend time with co-workers! Instead of using facetime. Zoom free accounts limit the time to 45 minutes so you don’t spend too much time socializing. Using zoom will also allow you to brainstorm with other co-workers and hold each other accountable to what you are working on.
  7. Get to virtual meetings early and make sure you contribute to the conversation. Say hello to everyone and make sure to say goodbye at the end of the meeting.
  8. Send daily emails to the boss summarizing what you completed or did for the day. Some will say to over communicate with your boss, but you will have to know your boss to see what their communication style is and if they prefer a summery at the end of your day or mini updates.
  9. Promote your company and the fun perks of working from home – keep it professional! Not many companies are allowing this time so take advantage of it and give the positive feedback via social media and to your boss. i.e. how long does it take you to complete a project in office vs. at home – I know for me I’m able to get my work done in half the time I normally would at the office.
  10. Still get ready for the day. Perk you don’t have to dress up, but don’t just get out of bed and start working without grooming first. You never know when that last minute video conference call will happen and you don’t want to be caught in your pj’s with bed head.

What are some of your work from home ideas? What is working for you that you can share with everyone?

Enjoy the perk – it is fun!


Email Jail

How many emails are in your in box right now?

How many emails did you hide in a “follow up folder”?

I had a client who once told me they had over 5000 emails in the in box. WHY!!!!!!

Email is a tool to assist us with communication to clients, partners, information, education and spam. So if I told you my email inbox sits at 0 before I log off – you would think i’m lying or I don’t get that many emails. Just like you I get plenty of emails, but I have learned a fun way to manage it.

So to help you get through this I have a suggestion:

  • Grab your laptop
  • Get into your car
  • Drive to your local coffee shop
  • Order your favorite drink
  • Sit down
  • Open your laptop
  • Open your email

Now this may seem crazy but I promise you this will work but there are two things you need to maybe consider changing in your habits.
1. Time blocking your calendar/daytimer and making it electronic
2. Using your task manager on your computer that is synced to your phone

Now you have your favorite coffee shop drink, your email is open. Think of your email as an inbox on your desk. With that inbox on your desk you would pick up the top item read what it has to say and do the following:

  • Create an appointment for follow up or planning
  • Create a task (no more than 15 minutes to complete)
  • File the item away for future reference
  • Trash/shred as it was just an FYI or spam

You can do the same with your email. Drag the email into your calendar to make an appointment. Drag the email to your task/to do application on your computer. Create files in your email to file away information. Trash the email as you no longer need it.

IOS, GMail, Outlook email applications all do this!

If you have additional questions please ask them below in the comments or email us and we will be happy to assist you!

Happy Reading!


Love Your Business – Tasks

One of the biggest problems we have working in a small business is that we find ourselves so stuck in the weeds we can not see where we are going.

If you have ever purchased a new to you home (or moved into a new rental) and the yard just hasn’t been as loved as you would like. You can definitely feel defeated when having to clean up after others or start to pull all the weeds that you just can not see the vision of what the potential of that yard could be.

Same in our businesses – we get so caught up in trying to catch up (being in the weeds) that we don’t seem to enjoy what we do anymore.

Stop! This is complete insanity (doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.) You are going to sit down, right now, and do what we call “free writing”. Let your brain unload and dump onto paper (or a blank word document on your computer.) You can even just brain dump onto your task app on your phone/computer. Just allow your brain to release everything inside. Yes even grocery lists have been known to make my brain free writing or brain dumping (I even wrote sleep down one time.) For as long as it takes.

After allowing your brain to dump…breath. Yes I know you have a lot on that list but you need to give you body time to just breath and relax. Maybe make yourself sit down with an orange and a glass of water, turn off the phone and just have a break.

After this much needed break you are now going to look at everything you wrote down and do the following:

  • Is it an errand that needs ran i.e. drop off books to library, post office, cleaners, create some time in your schedule (typically the same day every week) and make it your errand time
  • Does the task take longer than 15 minutes? i.e. creating newsletter, planning a party, write blog – this needs to be timeblocked into your calendar as an appointment. Don’t be shy with adding details to the appointment on your computer/phone as it will help you later not scratching your head “what was I thinking”
  • Tasks are to do’s that can be completed in 15 minutes or less. Create a daily task log or a running one depending on your preferences, and assign a day or week this task is to be completed i.e. thank you card to client, email invoice, share picture of completed or in progress job on social media

If you are finding yourself challenged with identifying task vs appointment vs errand vs project – write a comment below or email us – we will be happy to help you get out of the weeds!


Love Your Business!

It is incredibly difficult to run your business, worry about getting jobs booked, dealing with invoices, payments, lack of payments and then you have me telling you to marketing your business. How do you do it all?

You can’t!

I know harsh and I also know that as soon as I tell you “you can’t” you are going to try to do everything in your power to prove me wrong! But do you need to burn yourself out? Create health issues? Have your family tell you they never see you (unless that is your intent?)

When I first started my own business I was just like you and tried to do it all on my own. I found out quickly that I may have done everything but it was not my best work. So hiring off some of the work I needed done to contractors instead of hiring employees helped me to be a better entrepreneur and keep my business thriving!

But you don’t have the money to hire people! Yes you do! If you don’t then you will not grow in business!

So start small…hire a small business accountant to help you with the money and tax side of things. Hire a marketing person to help you advertise your business and keep the business front of mind to your past and current clients. Just starting with one or both will help free up your time to do what you love in your business and personal time.

Trust me…it’s worth it!