Love Your Business – Tasks

One of the biggest problems we have working in a small business is that we find ourselves so stuck in the weeds we can not see where we are going.

If you have ever purchased a new to you home (or moved into a new rental) and the yard just hasn’t been as loved as you would like. You can definitely feel defeated when having to clean up after others or start to pull all the weeds that you just can not see the vision of what the potential of that yard could be.

Same in our businesses – we get so caught up in trying to catch up (being in the weeds) that we don’t seem to enjoy what we do anymore.

Stop! This is complete insanity (doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result.) You are going to sit down, right now, and do what we call “free writing”. Let your brain unload and dump onto paper (or a blank word document on your computer.) You can even just brain dump onto your task app on your phone/computer. Just allow your brain to release everything inside. Yes even grocery lists have been known to make my brain free writing or brain dumping (I even wrote sleep down one time.) For as long as it takes.

After allowing your brain to dump…breath. Yes I know you have a lot on that list but you need to give you body time to just breath and relax. Maybe make yourself sit down with an orange and a glass of water, turn off the phone and just have a break.

After this much needed break you are now going to look at everything you wrote down and do the following:

  • Is it an errand that needs ran i.e. drop off books to library, post office, cleaners, create some time in your schedule (typically the same day every week) and make it your errand time
  • Does the task take longer than 15 minutes? i.e. creating newsletter, planning a party, write blog – this needs to be timeblocked into your calendar as an appointment. Don’t be shy with adding details to the appointment on your computer/phone as it will help you later not scratching your head “what was I thinking”
  • Tasks are to do’s that can be completed in 15 minutes or less. Create a daily task log or a running one depending on your preferences, and assign a day or week this task is to be completed i.e. thank you card to client, email invoice, share picture of completed or in progress job on social media

If you are finding yourself challenged with identifying task vs appointment vs errand vs project – write a comment below or email us – we will be happy to help you get out of the weeds!

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