Love Your Business!

It is incredibly difficult to run your business, worry about getting jobs booked, dealing with invoices, payments, lack of payments and then you have me telling you to marketing your business. How do you do it all?

You can’t!

I know harsh and I also know that as soon as I tell you “you can’t” you are going to try to do everything in your power to prove me wrong! But do you need to burn yourself out? Create health issues? Have your family tell you they never see you (unless that is your intent?)

When I first started my own business I was just like you and tried to do it all on my own. I found out quickly that I may have done everything but it was not my best work. So hiring off some of the work I needed done to contractors instead of hiring employees helped me to be a better entrepreneur and keep my business thriving!

But you don’t have the money to hire people! Yes you do! If you don’t then you will not grow in business!

So start small…hire a small business accountant to help you with the money and tax side of things. Hire a marketing person to help you advertise your business and keep the business front of mind to your past and current clients. Just starting with one or both will help free up your time to do what you love in your business and personal time.

Trust me…it’s worth it!

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