Where Do I Start?

I need to grow my business?

How do I create more revenue?

I’m swamped and don’t have time to learn marketing?

I don’t have money to make money!

The above comments and questions are all to common in the small business world. Most people started their own business because they needed the extra income – 77% of them have used their own savings or corporate income to start the business. Within 5 years 50% of those small businesses will shut down. Failing to meet the need of the market is 42% of those businesses. 62% of them do not have paid employee’s and 51% of small businesses fail to use online marketing because it takes to long to implement and learn.

Will you be one of those statistics?

In 2013 I was fighting cancer and was let go from my job. What was I going to do? No one would hire me knowing the number of sick days I would be using. Working with some incredible people from my past I decided to use the 2 decades of experience, education and gift it to others with coaching! My personal life was crazy but my business thrived. Unfortunately my health and personal life took a turn for the worse in 2016 and the business was closed.

Fast forward to today – I’m still able to gift others and have been for the past 3 years with my knowledge of how to use marketing and building relationships to help small businesses thrive.

Are you going to be like me and have to close a thriving business because of health reasons? Are you going to be a statistic and have to close your business within the next 5 years? Do you use simple technology to grow your business organically? Are you wondering where you’re going to get enough money to buy groceries or pay your rent/mortgage this month?

I get it!

Step one – define who your ideal client is
Step two – create a free website to show you are serious about your business, we use wordpress. I know some who use WIX or Squarespace
Step three – get on social media, educate and promote your business
Step four – create a business on the Nextdoor app
Step five – create and implement your client relationship strategy

Ok did I overwhelm you? Are you telling me in your mind you don’t have time or the know how to do the above 5 basic steps?

You’re right! This isn’t where you should spend your energy…you need to be doing your job so let me do mine and help you!

Contact me today for a free consult and we can discuss how you can do the above and run your day to day business.

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