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Routines and Why You Need Them

Routines have become a negative word. People feel they are being put into a box without having freedom to do what they want when they want. People also have “tried” routines in the past and it never seemed to help. Definition of routine; “a sequence of actions followed over and over; a fixed program.”
Take some time to look up why routines are important on various mental health websites. You will see hundreds if not thousands of sites explaining the value of having routines:

  • Helps you manage your time and plan for better choices
  • Adds a rhythm to your daily life
  • Body functions better when it has daily rhythm
  • Sleeping patterns help improve mental & physical functions
  • Mentally you know the next step in your day Just to name a few….

Some simple Routines you can put in place into your daily life:

  • Having consistent bedtime and wake up times
  • Morning routines – give your day a steady start without the last minute drama
  • Before bedtime routines. Assist your mornings from being chaotic and you will get a better nights sleep (or day if you’re a day sleeper)
  • Household chores
  • Exercise

So many people ask me how to develop a routine. One of my favorite mentors is Flylady. Marla and her team do a great job in helping people get new habit’s and not live a life and home in chaos. Check her out she may resonate with you.
Routines are all dependent on your lifestyle

  • Work outside of the home
  • Work from home
  • Retiree’s
  • Disabled
  • Unemployed
  • Stay at home mom’s, dad’s or grandparents
  • Stay at home wives or husbands
  • Teens
  • Children

So for one website to say this is “the” way to do your day may not fit your lifestyle or your natural way. What do I mean? Each person has a different: – way of thinking- personalities- physical abilities- family situation- living situation- work- natural organization.
So for some, having a clean house doesn’t take much effort at all. While some, it never seems to stay clean no matter what “system” they use.

This is when having a life coach comes in handy. But you need to find the right life coach for you. I specialize in helping people find their own natural order. Because not one system will work for everyone. I do lots of research, reading and socializing so I can learn what makes a person unique. Especially when it comes to organization and family. Yet I may not be the right coach for you.

If you’re in the market to find a coach, please interview at least 3 of them. And each interview should give you some takeaways you can put in place right away.

It also helps if you find a way to keep you accountable to what you are trying to do. There are ways to do this and it is dependent again on your mental personality type. Are you and extrovert? Then having a friend that you call every day or hang out with may help you with your routines. Are you an introvert? Then finding an app to do your routine checklist of items may benefit you. Are you disabled? Then having a coach/friend/app or all three, who understands your limitations and when to push you may be a fit for you. You need to find the right accountability system that works for you. Accountability partners are amazing if you find the right one. They help to keep you on track and not make you feel bad about yourself.

I love finding systems that that click for people. I love having weekly, monthly or quarterly accountability sessions. But what I love most of all is when my client is thriving! Finding a system that works in their current lifestyle and seeing them thrive! Those gives me the best feels in the world!

So if you find yourself wondering what works for you, give me a jinging. We don’t charge to have a conversation with you. The first 30 minute FREE consult call you will have 3 takeaways you can start right away. We use the Zoom app so stay in your pj’s if you want, from the comfort of your computer, laptop, ipad or smartphone. Call me – what’s the worst thing that could happen?

Please comment below and tell me what systems you use for your routines. Do you have a favorite website, system or coach? Then leave them here in the comments – you might help someone else!

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